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What You Didn’t Know About Can Yaman Until Now

Tired of searching the little tiny things about Can Yaman? If you claim to be a fan of him, then don’t miss this article.

Tired of searching the little tiny things about Can Yaman? We have brought more facts about Can Yaman. If you claim to be a fan of him, then don’t miss this article. The young actor Can Yaman, who has been widely talked about recently, seems to intend to change the concept of stardom, that we are used to. He doesn’t run away from the crowds waiting for him, doesn’t break his fans’ requests, jokes with night reporters, connects to the live broadcasts of foreign channels, and makes interactive shares on social media. It is impossible not to notice the structure motivated by the energy of love.

We have counted down a lot of things you didn’t know about rising stars. And, there are no stoppings. We’re about to make a complete list of them. If you want to see your favorite one, let us know in the comment section.

That’s enough for the background info.
So, let’s dive into things only true fans have noticed about Can Yaman.

1. Ruby is Can’s favorite place for parties

Can Yaman posted a photo with Erkan Unal & captioned it Ruby’s night on Instagram. Do you know what Ruby is? Perhaps, Turkish fans know it but his worldwide fans don’t know that. Ruby is a famous bar-restaurant in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. Yaman often goes there in his spare time with his family or friends at parties. This year, Can also celebrated his birthday at Ruby, Istanbul with his family. It might be his favorite place where he often wants to go.

2. Viral video with Belly Dancer

Recently, a video was viral of Can Yaman on social media. Where Can Yaman is seen dancing with a belly dancer. It looked like Can really enjoyed being with her. Meanwhile, he took out his wallet in front of everyone he tipped her at his friend’s engagement party which was also held in Ruby, Istanbul.

3. Aldrovandi Villa Borghese Hotel

In Can Yaman’s Rome journey, he chose to stay in Aldrovandi Villa Borghese Hotel. It’s a luxurious spot where his Hello Cover Shoot & interview was taken. He also urged not to miss ‘Hello Magazine’ this November, because it has been the best quality interview ever so far.

4. ‘Parlaque Styling’ is Aslı Parlak

Do you know who decides Can Yaman’s dressing style? We always see that Can Yaman mentions ‘Parlaque Styling’ for his every dress style. The person behind ‘Parlaque Styling’ is Aslı Parlak who puts great efforts to make Can Divit a style icon with an original style.

Yaman posted this photo with a sweet caption, “True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, irreplaceable & always in style.” This proves Can & Aslı are close friends in real life. She always goes with Can Yaman almost everywhere even on his tours.

5. Martial arts side splits at Bujin Fight Club

Did you watch this video? Maybe, You did! We do not usually see him doing martial arts side splits. And it made his fans crazy. He posted this video on his birthday & thought his new age made him flexible. Through this video, we got to know his fitness trainer Umut Duygu.

Can never miss his regular sessions with him at Bujin Fight Club in Istanbul, Turkey.

Umut also worked with famous Turkish actor Barış Arduç. If you don’t know anything about Baris Arduc then don’t miss the Youtube video which we posted on our channel.

6. Officially New Napoli postcard

One of Can Yaman’s Instagram posts was removed for getting negative reports. Through Can’s Instagram caption, it is known as officially New Napoli postcard which was taken from Hotel Vesuvio Napoli. In this photo, you can also see the historical seaside Castle Ovo or Italian Castel dell’ Ovo.

7. Knows some Greek words

In Greece, in an interview Can said, “He knows some Greek words Like Kalimera (good morning), Kalispera (good evening) & Ti kaneis (How are you).”

What do you think of the Acropolis? First of all, it’s a place. Can was there & he said it was beautiful, impressive. It was a bit hot though. His father & his managers were with him. And since it was uphill they got tired and sweated a little. They tried Greek food but Can was more comfortable with Turkish food. Cause it feels like he is at home.

8. Inspired by Clint Eastwood

Lucca Halloween night was not a regular cowboy look. He was inspired by the unforgiven movie Clint Eastwood’s character William Munny. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp & Christian Bale are his favorite actors.

9. TV’s top leading man of 2019

It is no doubt Can Yaman is the TV’s top leading man of 2019. We have seen him wearing a lot of brand sneakers. In this video, he was wearing K3 brand sneakers.

10. A place for casino lovers

Monte Carlo is located in the Principality of Monaco. Monaco is the second-smallest country in the world after the Vatican. A place for casino lovers. Can was seen on the premises of Monte Carlo taking photos.

11. Yaman’s Fans Night in Italy

The fifth night in Italy but the crowd down his hotel wasn’t dispersed even a minute, that’s incredible. He spent more than two hours taking photos with each one of them.

12. Erkenci Kus Albatross in real life

The series maker made special lockets for him. It has an Albatross sign. Apart from the series, we find him wearing the Albatross hand band in real life. He looks stylish with this unique sign. You might think just like Demet, Can also wears star sign accessories.

13. Trendy combinations from Trendyol

He uses a lot of sunglasses. Different sunglasses for different occasions. Which suits his character & looks handsome. He chose the most trendy combinations for him from Trendyol.com. It is a shopping site where you can buy almost anything you need.

14. Attorney friends Burak Iplikci & Nazlı

With all his awards, he was sitting with his two Attorney friends Burak Iplikci & Nazlı. From their work, Iplikci & Nazlı have married each other.

The Galápagos Islands, land of birds, is famous for its wildlife. Can posted this video on his Instagram where a clever bird came, took the food & ran away so quickly.

15. Sweet lines from His mother

At this age, Can’ father, Güven Yaman still looks so fit & handsome. His mother, Güldem Yaman often looks so young. Sometimes it becomes hard for the first glancer to identify her as his mom. His mom wished him to post this photo on Instagram on his birthday this year, 2019.

She wrote, “When you were a baby you laughed very nicely, especially in the morning waking up – always live happy, with your loved ones, healthy. How quickly passed these years.”

16. Hairstyle changes with characters

On holidays he loves to have barbecues & spends more time with his family & friends. He has a unique style with long hair, beard, & muscles. In an interview, Can said we would never see him with long hair. The hairstyle changes with characters. It’s not his personal choice. He will have to go to military service in January for 21 days anyway. He will say goodbye to his hair & beard before his military service.

Can wants to donate his hair to a charity with an auction or can be donated in another way. He’s open to the proposal. He always mentions Bilal Araç for his hairstyle. This person also worked with Can Yaman on his Dolunay series.

17. Surprising facts of Birthdate

April 30 is the birth date of his handsome father. The amazing part is, his mother’s birth date is 1st May. Inside of Can Yaman’s mom’s house, she made Can köşesi (which is Can corner).

Like Demet’s mom, Can’s mom is also a cat lover. One of her cats’ names is Luna. Can loves his grandma’s homemade food like pie.

18. Identical twins

The Can, we see now wasn’t like this before. A lot of things have changed about him. To transform into his greatest version he had to go through a lot of struggles & efforts. His mom posted this photo, how old he might be at that time!

By the way, Do you see any similarity between can’s father Guven Yaman & Can Yaman? They look like identical twins at their own young age.

19. How small his cat was!

Look at this photo, how small his cat was. Now it has grown up and looks very adorable. By the way, it is called Stuck. Not only cats, Who doesn’t love dogs? And Can is no different.

20. Proud to be a social worker

He participates in different social works. Like Demet, he also works with LÖSEV, the foundation for children with Leukemia. Turkey physically disabled proud moment for him to take part in this meaningful donation to the organization that made the Sports Federation.

21. His Defense Skills

If you don’t know how to defend yourself. Then learn the skills of your favorite actor. He shows us his skill of defense on Instagram. Leone 1947 Sportswear & Nike sportswear are his favorites.

22. iPhone User, Not Samsung

Can is an iPhone user. This is Yaman’s office. He is with his co-workers, busy with his schedules and tasks. He often shares his feverish activity in his law office on Instagram.

23. Knows how to Surf

Sea is a place where we find relief. Can seems to visit nearby oceans with his family and friends. Even He is so cool & knows how to surf from his young age.

24. Maki & Flaming-o Turkbuku

His first Instagram photo was posted on 22nd June 2014 at Maki & Flaming-o Turkbuku.

We dig up facts for you from different sources, if you enjoy our articles then don’t forget to share them with your friends and their fan club. Because soon we are going to come up with a life journey of your favorite stars.

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