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The Truth About Hande Erçel’s BREAK UP

The news that Hande Erçel and Murat Dalkılıç couple, who had been in love for 3 years, ended their relationship as a bomb. Murat Dalkılıç – Hande Erçel ended their relationship with a perverse peace. Well, are these claims true? Did they separate?

Singer Murat and actress Hande Ercel ended their relationship. It was learned that the couple, who lived in the same house and whose fans expected to get married soon, left about 3 weeks ago. Previously the couple broke up in December 2017, 10 months after they started to live in love. The two started to experience love again shortly after Erçel’s mother passed away in 2019.

Separation was decided because the couple remained friends just because they could no longer maintain the relationship.

Hande Erçel published a written statement on her social media account regarding the separation decision.

“After the news was released today, I feel that I have to share the fact that I have ended my relationship with Murat by clarifying the issue in order not to keep the agenda busy. Murat is one of the most difficult days of my life. And I am not only a lover but a precious person who made friends and made friends with me.

She continued –

So even though the separation has ended the relationship between the two people, I would like to point out that it is our only desire to remain friendly. And our close circle is still the same as the return of many years. I would like you to respect the decision we made in this process and to observe this sensitivity and understanding while making your news.”

So, their Great love is over!

After the separation of Murat Dalkılıç and Hande Erçel, the eyes were turned to the ex-wife of the famous pop, Merve Boluğur who is known for her character of “Nurbanu Sultan” in the Magnificent Century series.

While Dalkılıç’s ex-wife Merve Boluğur avoided making a clear comment about this separation decision,

she wrote to her friend Cihan Şensözlü,

Have you had a dream that you think is real?

Merve Boluğur

The secret of their joyful laughter and joyfulness has been revealed, your dream has come true.

Cihan Şensözlü

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