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List of Turkish Series Available with English Subtitles
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Guide to watch a Turkish Series with English Subtitles

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  • We don’t create English subtitled videos of any series as it’s against copyright & copyright infringement.
  • We run deep searches on Google to find you if any existence of English subtitles is out on the web.
  • We don’t create ‘SRT’ formats for any series.
  • We don’t give commitments or 100% surety but we might be able to provide you some sources. Possibilities.
  • We don’t represent any subtitles makers or their websites.
  • All searches are done manually, not bot.
  • BlinkBuzzz is not responsible for any malicious attack as Hackers are everywhere!
  • We are taking no money from you or elsewhere to provide you this service, it’s FREE!
  • This service is just like a search for you as you could do it by yourself, but we are doing it with best practices.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, PathFinder is free of cost.

We do not create English subtitles videos of any series as it is against copyright & copyright infringement.

“Court rules fan subtitles on TV and movies are illegal.” We do not break copyright rules by creating subtitles videos. We only provide you with the information shown on Google search with the help of an advanced filter.

Correct, you can. And we never mind if you do it by yourself. We run deep searches with advanced filters on Google to find you if any existence of English Subtitles is out on the web. So, nothing special here.

We usually respond within 12 hours. But for workload, it takes up to 48 hours. So, please have patience.

You just found the dedicated place where our experts spend hours researching and observing raw sources.

It is secure and has a friendly environment.

We never give commitments or 100% surety. But we might be able to provide you with some sources, possibilities.

Go to the link – List of Turkish series unavailable with English subtitles

Our terms are crystal clear. So, PathFinder is legal. It is not causing issues with the owner’s right or profit. As we do not make subtitles video.

Honestly, we don’t make enough money to make it running. We want to keep it free for all that’s our main goal. For now, most of our revenue coming from advertising.

If you like what we’re up to, here’s what you can do to support this community and our work. Financial contributions from users help support the PathFinder team and keep this service free for all. If you want to support our work, join our YouTube membership.

If it is the issue. Then email us at – [email protected]

Yes, we will let you know about it.