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Burak Deniz is a remarkable actor in the Turkish media industry with series like ‘Aşk Laftan Anlamaz’, ‘Bizim Hikaye’. Those roles definitely help him to make a strong presence to the top celebrities in Turkey. People loved him with Hande Erçel, even still few fans ship him to be with Erçel. That we know is not possible. But the actor is still getting a lot of attention with Alina Boz after doing Maraşlı.

Burak Deniz’s fans knew that he was in a relationship with a Turkish actress Büşra Develi from 2015 until 2018. Their romance continued when they were starring in a film together, ‘Arada’ in 2018.

But Büşra Develi, who announced the separation statement from her Instagram account in 2018, wrote:

Our 3-year relationship with Burak has ended with our mutual decision. We still love and respect each other.

Büşra Develi

It was claimed that Burak Deniz, who closed his heart to love after Büşra Develi, who left in 2018, started a new relationship with Beste Kökdemir.

Kökdemir shared the photo he took with Burak Deniz with his followers and responded to the allegations by writing ‘friend’ in her post.

Burak Deniz and Beste Kökdemir met in the TV series ‘Sweet Little Liars’, which was screened in 2015. In the same series, Deniz’s old love Büşra Develi was also playing.

Burak posted the first selfie with his model girlfriend Didem Soydan announcing their official relationship in 2020.

Didem, who is seven years older than Deniz, started to experience love last from August 2020. And the surprising relationship astonished the fans of the duo.

Burak said,

I believe that this special and stirring feeling also comes to an end one day as everything in life has an end. So I think living love is like jumping off a parachute. Like leaving yourself from a plane or a tall building … You enjoy jumping but in the end you feel pain. Trust and loyalty bring the feeling of being a family.

Burak Deniz

In 2021, Alina Boz and Burak Deniz impressed the audience with their talented acting in the ATV’s Maraşlı. The rumor spread that the closeness between the two in the series was also carried outside the set and that Alina Boz and Burak Deniz started to live in love.

However, the audience thinks that even though the two actors have other lovers separately, the two are living and hiding this love.

It brought love claims to the minds of those who saw intimate and close poses between the two famous names on the cover of the February Şamdan Plus magazine.

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