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About us

Hi there! Here we are.

Blink Buzzz is a news & media website, explains the media.

Although we live a simple, happy, and dreamy life still we desire to reach our stars. We look for the media which is too much noise and too little insights. And so Blinkbuzzz creators source all the resources and deliver them to audiences through videos, articles, photos everything else that you love to know about your stars. You can find our work wherever you live on the internet — YouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram, and more.

We launched Blink Buzzz on YouTube on July 9, 2013. From this day, our journey begins!

Blinkbuzzz is owned and operated by Rahat Mirza, Ariya Stark, and our respected team.

We thank each one of you who had watched and who are watching our videos now. It really means a lot to us. With your help and support, we can make an organized platform that people seek and failed to find. – We love you BlinkBuzzzers!

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