Can Yaman Finally Talks About His Girlfriend

The question arises with Can Yaman - Is he single? Does he have a secret girlfriend? Who has Can dated? What is his ideal woman?

Stardom came suddenly for Turkish actor Can Yaman — becoming an instant heartthrob and hitmaker. He is currently busy with the Bay Yanlis series project. The image in question was uploaded by the actor himself to his Instagram account last week.

In this photo, he is seen wearing a navy blue suit with a bow tie.

The clothing seems typical of a wedding groom, which has not gone unnoticed by his fans.

Are you getting married?

Some of his followers from various countries have asked him. Although, everything indicates that Can Yaman’s marital status has not changed for the moment.


Bestemsu Özdemir, who played in the series Meryem, which is screened on Kanal D, and Can Yaman, who starred in Dolunay on Star TV, had been in love for 8 months. She always denied that she and Can Yaman had a lot of fights.

Bestemsu said –

Even if we argue, we find the middle ground. If one of us is nervous, the other takes it from the bottom, things are not growing…

The star talks a lot about his work but does not say anything about his personal life. In the meantime, his ex-girlfriend never concealed her happiness with Can.

In December 2017, she made a separation statement at the premiere of the movie ‘Martıların Efendisi’.


Can Yaman never presumes whether he likes these girls. Maybe if someone special comes in he will fall in love. But if he draws the ideal woman with his guidelines, what if she doesn’t like him.

That’s why it’s so hard for Yaman to talk about a prototype.

He likes to experience new things and meet new people. He doesn’t have fixed criteria to say who is the ideal woman for him. Although he was not so clear, after insisting a little, he gave some clue:

That is funny, that it is not stressed. I would like to meet someone with a sense of humor and to be honest.


Things to be noted – He was very confused back then in 2019 to say openly how he wants his perfect girl to be but in 2020 cleared up the air.

Can Yaman is very reserved about his private life and gets angry with those who try to find gossip and rumors about him.

But he recently gave an interview where he revealed some aspects of his life, especially what are the qualities of his ideal woman. Since he is single, his words have been carefully followed by the fans who certainly took notes.

What is your relationship with Demet Ozdemir?

Just a friend!

He said –

On the set of Erkenci Kus, it was a lot of fun to work with her but there was nothing we could say beyond friendship.

What is your ideal woman?

Can reveal it to the official DayDreamer magazine: He loves classy women who have the temperament and who are feminine and lively. Can like the “woman to woman” and not one that behaves like a tomboy.

He doesn’t like women who talk loudly or who get mad. He also revealed that he admitted that he has a fondness for beautiful and elegant women who are charming and full of energy. His ideal woman must have a precise vision of the world and must be educated. And finally, he revealed, “My ideal woman must be able to transform me into the best version of myself .”

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