How To Find English Subtitles for Turkish Series Right Now

If you are still wondering around how to find the Turkish series with English subtitles and complete the series without hassle...you are at the right place!

Before we jump into the topic we like to remind you this article is about what’s wrong with Turkish series English subtitles. Or you may say what’s wrong with the Turkish entertainment industry, why they don’t give away English subtitles! So, don’t keep your hopes up that you may find any magic sites here with any series of English subtitles! But we can assure you this article still will help you a lot. Let’s move forward.

Who does not love the Turkish series?

We all love to watch them. However, they are very lengthy which will cost you a lot of time but you still fall in love with the storyline.

Turkish is a hard language to learn if you are just a beginner. If you are the person who wants to watch Turkish series and looking for perfect sites to help you. Then this article will lead you as a guide to finding a Turkish series with English subtitles.

Hello, Blinkbuzzzers!

You are just in the right place. How many times have you searched on Google writing the series name with English subtitles? And, how many times Google had failed you? It’s quite depressing, having not found the series or the episodes you want to watch.

Eventually, what we do! We give up on that specific series and move forward. We wish the Turkish media would care about it

Always remember –

The internet is a place of helpful people who have done the hard work for you, but you just have to find it. In some cases, it might not work.

We are going to show you 3 ways of finding a Turkish series. At times, you may think you know all of them.
If you know all of them, then it’s fine for you.

‘SRT’ Formats

Firstly, when we think of finding English subtitles of any movie. We search for “srt” format files on the internet. There are a lot of websites that help us with this. But unfortunately, the Turkish media has no ‘srt’ formats. I mean no one has dedicated this type of task yet!

There are 3 ways of watching Turkish series with English subtitles.
Follow the instructions and you might be able to find them –

1. Website

The website is the core part to find Turkish series with English subtitles. Many of you might think youtube does play a vital role. But, trust us – Website is the only way which can help you to complete the full seasons.

Now, it can be divided into 2 types – Paid & Unpaid

Paid! This means you have to pay money to watch them, like Netflix!. If you are fine with that.


Or, unpaid – where you don’t have to pay for anything. Unpaid chances are 50-50. They are mostly banned for copyright issues.

2. Youtube Channels

Court rules fan subtitles on TV and movies are illegal.

Subtitle lovers, beware: a court just ruled that making fan subtitles or translations are not protected by the law. It ruled that making subtitles without permission from the property owners amounted to copyright infringement.

Still, there are a lot of YouTube channels where you may find the series with English subtitles. Now it depends on the series owner whether they want to show the video on YouTube or not. And how long they are permitting it. Cause series owners have permission to monetize the video and earn money from it. However, the person who is uploading series on their channel is getting nothing but a few subscriptions on their channel.

Have any of you heard the name of ‘Blink More’ or ‘Blink Now’ YouTube channel? Yes! It was us. We posted a lot series of English subtitles videos. And guess what a lot of our videos were turned down by the copyright owner. Any YouTuber around, Just don’t put up your time on this. It’s not gonna end well!

3. Facebook Pages & Groups

Well, you have no idea how many people try their best to upload a series with English subtitles on Facebook. But when the uploading of the files reaches the finish line – their video gets automatically blocked by the copyright owner. Making viewers not find it. You can still look for some groups and communities and discuss with them.

As a subtitle worker, we figured out a list of sites you may visit to collect the series of English subtitles. If you want them just contact us. And we also like to know what sites do you have on your bucket list?. Don’t forget to share them with others in the comment section.

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