The Truth About Can Yaman & Demet Özdemir’s Relationship

A lot of people have already asked or discussed on our channel if Can Yaman & Demet are in a relationship or not! Let’s find out the truth about this.

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir are leading the Turkish media right now. The amount of fame they have brought to their home country is countless. And now they are buzzing around the globe because of their hard work & unique personality. People think, apart from the series they have personal connections that are not yet confirmed by the couple.

Can & Demet are the leading roles in Erkenci Kuş. They are the core of this series and close to each other that turns rumors into reality now. There are a lot of critics out there about their love and relationship. This is why it’s very difficult to say anything about them.

1. Are they just friends?

You know, this is very easy to say. They are not friends! They are more than friends. You might think what’s the logic of this.

If they were just friends and co-workers, they would not be such close as traveling, enjoying moments of life together. Both of them performed in O Ses Türkiye 2019 which means the Voice Turkey. 

The duo performance made the audience enjoy to the fullest. Their performance and their chemistry made us realize that they might have something between them.

So, the possibilities are – either they are in a relationship that is not acknowledged or they are super close to being friends.


2. Are they actually dating each other or not?

If we say in a way, they are not dating as people do in a normal relationship. But what they do is highly suspicious.

In August they made a mistake on their summer vacation.

They always remain silent when people start to ask about their relationship. Their approach confused the fans whether they are dating each other or not.

But their Instagram post raised the confusion a bit higher. Can Yaman posted a video where we clearly found he was swimming and there were green hills in the background.

If we look at Demet’s photo we can see that it is the same background, Marmaris, a hidden city in the southwest of Turkey. And both of them posted on the same day. Which means they were spending their summer vacation together! 

The duo never confirmed a possible relationship between them. But after these facts, confirmation is no longer needed.


3. Are they involved in a secret relationship?

Recently, a citizen photographed Can and Demet were on a local bus. When they were gossiping, smiling, and gazing at each other. They were again seen in Bodrum, Turkey.

Relationship with co-workers

Nowadays, relations between young couples developed rapidly, Demet was previously involved in a relationship with Yusuf Çim. Although she stated that they were just friends at times, later they confirmed they were in a relationship. However, they broke up. It marks a point that she has records of falling in love with her co-workers. It might be possible for her to be in love with the hottest Turkish actor, Can Yaman.


She is not bound to date anyone

After that, Demet Özdemir and Seçkin Özdemir had been dating since May 2018. It didn’t work out either after 4 months. This means she was not committed to anyone during playing the role in Erkenci Kuş. She was free like a bird to make love with anyone she might like.

You know, we all know that rumors are not real. If you seek the truth then we would say they are not involved in any type of relationship. Can & Demet are single. If rumors are to be believed then you may count it as a ‘Yes’! They seem to be in a secret relationship.

Can Yaman is now busy promoting his popular romantic comedy series Erkenci Kuş and Dolunay. This year in Italy Yaman started his first stopover, where he was with all the rage among his Italian fans. It would continue through Greece, France, and Spain, ending in Latin America.

What we are gonna say now – it will solve every puzzle. As we all know, Erkenci Kuş has reached its end of the line. And there is no confirmation about Can & Demet will be playing the series together again. Not working together, will create distance between them. Which will define whether they are in a relationship or not.

Conclusion In 2022

As per our research and perspective, they are not in any kind of relationship. Over the internet, there are a lot of rumors now.

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