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No Relationship Between Can & Demet – All Are Made By MEDIA!

Let us take you a little backward - on June 26, 2018, Erkenci Kuş’s first episode came out. People started liking this couple along with the series.

Before we jump into the topic we like to remind you this article is about Can Yaman & Demet Özdemir’s relationship. Or you may say what’s wrong with the MEDIA, that they have made it so complex to understand what is there between them. Perhaps, you are one of the fans of Can Yaman or Demet Özdemir.

Or you just have finished watching the Erkenci Kuş series and thinking how it would be if Can & Demet were a couple in real life! Your imaginations and media around you have made it true.

Let us take you a little backward – on June 26, 2018, Erkenci Kuş’s first episode came out. People started liking this couple along with the series. Hoping the series should never end. Because their chemistry in the series was remarkable. People got hooked from the first episode. August 6, 2019. Series ended. Fans cried! They couldn’t let the series go away. The whole show could have ended on 25 or so episodes and been brilliant. But what to do writers took it too far at the end.

It wasn’t just the end of the series. It was the end of the work line between two co-workers. Here is the point people are still stuck, imagining them to be together in real life. There is no single reference out there that can prove they have a single chance to be in a relationship. They are not working together and so far directors have no plan to make any series casting them together. A good example would be Demet’s “Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir” or Can Yaman’s new series with Özge Gürel.

Here’s what real fans say about them –

I don’t really care either way, but I just hope they do more series together!!! Their chemistry is off the charts. While I would be thrilled for them to be together, it is their private life either way.

And here what news says –

News is creating so much content commercially just to make money. The authenticity is lost among them. Here’s the fact, accept it or not. They are only good friends and co-workers.

And if there is a piece of good news rather follow their official Instagram, Twitter. Where you will find no complexity.

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