The Truth About Burak Deniz & Alina Boz’s Relationship

They fall in love or not | Truth About Burak & Alina's Relationship | Who is Alina Boz’s long-time boyfriend | Who is Burak Deniz dating & Many More.

There is thought to have a romance between them, but this is not what it may seem. Now – right after watching the series Maraşlı you might come up with the idea of what they did in the series which is quite fun to watch and how far it went in their private life. Burak Deniz and Alina Boz finally premiere their series Maraşlı. It seems like celebrity couples are getting engaged left and right, and Turkish actor Burak Deniz is the latest to say yes.

Hence fans are now wondering, Are they in a relationship or not? Nevertheless, there are so many gossips about their pair, which means this relationship needs to be confirmed. Therefore, it is really difficult to follow their romantic status.

Three FAQs are very common. Which are –

1. Are rumors true?

So, here is the story that follows with Burak Deniz and his girlfriend, Didem Soydan – Alina Boz had a photoshoot with Burak Deniz. During the photoshoot, Alina was seen topless with Burak. On the same day, Burak Deniz’s neighbors heard quarrels between Burak and Didem fighting with each other. His neighbors even called the police. While nothing came out but people suspected the problem had been caused because of that photoshoot.

To clear the air Didem Soydan made a statement that she is a model by profession for 17 years. So, how could a model be jealous of a usual photoshoot where another actress which is Alina Boz had to go topless.

Well, for now, she has a strong point to deny all the rumors. But something is going on between them.

2. Who is Alina Boz’s long-time boyfriend?

In 2015, she started dating Turkish actor Burak Yörük and they broke up in 2017, however they reconciled in 2018 but didn’t last long again. In 2020, she started dating Mithat Can Özer who is a Turkish singer, composer, and actor. The couple attended the screening for the documentary film “Women Running on Fire”, which tells the story of three firefighter women.

Alina Boz, who kept her relationship with the 39-year-old Mithat Can Özer away from the cameras, said:

If you were to compare love to something, what would it be? At first sight, there is an element of admiration and curiosity for me rather than love.

Alina boz

3. Who is Burak Deniz dating?

Burak Deniz and Büşra Develi, starring in a film together, ‘Arada,’ were first spotted in the events of the 2017 Dubai International Film Festival. But Büşra Develi, who announced the separation statement from her Instagram account in 2018, wrote:

I have been reading the fanciful news about me and my relationship for days. I have to be amazed. One of the parties does not necessarily deceive or envy. This is a process. Our 3-year relationship with Burak has ended with our mutual decision. We still love and respect each other.

Büşra Develi

After a long period of their continued denial of their relationship to keep it out of the spotlight, Burak Deniz, 30, posted the first selfie with his model girlfriend Didem Soydan, 36, announcing their official relationship in 2020. But recently the quarrel between Burak Deniz’s lover, Didem Soydan, and the fact that Alina Boz has not been seen side by side with her boyfriend confirmed the separation allegations.

On top of those love allegations, Burak Deniz nor Alina Boz neither confirmed any statement.


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