What You Didn’t Know About Özge Yağız Until Now

Only credited with 2 series on her name, Özge Yağız has already become a rising star. With almost 3 million followers on her Instagram and counting up daily, she will become a leading actress in the Turkish media industry. Fans also have a great interest in her relationship with Gökberk Demirci.

Let’s count down the things you didn’t know about Özge Yağız :

1. Family Background

She was born on 10 April 1997 in Turkey. Her mother’s name is Filiz Yağız. Her parents live in Davutlar, Turkey. She has a beautiful grandma and grandpa from her mother’s side.

She has a sister, Ezgi Aktürk who is a ballerina and she has a baby boy, Emir. She currently lives in Kuşadası which is a beach resort town in Turkey.

2. Education

She graduated from Başkent University with a degree in communication sciences. She took acting lessons at No.10 Studios. She was born to be an actress from childhood by her looks and beauty. Özge is 1.69 meters tall. She has a decent height as an actress. She is represented by Hasan Güngör Management.

3. Her First Acting Experience

She previously acted in Adini Sen Koy (2016) as Zeliha along with other co-stars Hazal Subasi and Yaprak Durmaz.

Özge is the female lead “Reyhan” on the TV show Yemin 2019, which is directed by Ayhan Özen, and aired on Kanal 7. Yağız has announced that she has left the successful project Yemin series. It is not yet known who will replace it in the series where it plays the leading role.

From Sol Yanım (2020) to İçimizden Biri (2021) series, she potrayed the character of Serra & Havva along with Tolga Mendi, Cemre Baysel and Cansel Elçin.

4. Relationship with Gökberk Demirci

It is very obvious. And we have seen it earlier. Actors and actresses fall in love with their co-stars. For Ozge it is no different, the beautiful actress is in a relationship with Gökberk Demirci, with whom she shares the lead role in the Yemin series. We found that news from some Turkish recognized magazines.

In an interview, she was asked to describe Gökberk Demirci in 3 words. She answered he is kind, cheerful, and very handsome.

She found her love in the set of Yemin in 2019 with her costar Gökberk Demirci and finally got engaged in July 2021.

5. Cooking is One of Her Biggest Hobbies

Did you know she is foody?

Burger, Pepsi, and pizza add to her most favorite food lists. She loves to drink tea or coffee in the morning. If you look at her mother’s Instagram, you can definitely find it that the preference came from her mother’s side. Cooking is one of her biggest hobbies.

If you are a cat person that is completely OK. Because your favorite Ozge is also a cat lover. Her cat’s name is Başkan which means president. And Baskan lives like a president in Ozge’s lap. She has a dog, Bonbon as well.

6. Jeans, Her Comfort Zone

She has a good sense of taste when it comes to her daily makeup. She is even too good at unique styling. Most of the time jeans are Ozde’s favorite outfit. No matter what the place is, wearing jeans makes her so comfortable and she loves wearing them. She can not live a day without her iPhone and having selfies with it.

7. Persons Who Inspire Her

Her Hollywood favorite actress is Anne Hathaway. And her Turkish favorite actress is Zerrin Tekindor who is best known for Kara Sevda. She will love to play the role of these two actresses in the biopic. She loves to attend music concerts and watch movies.

She said she would love to play a role in the Suskunlar series if she had a chance. One of her favorite books is “İskender” book by Elif Shafak.

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