Alp Navruz Finally Talks About His Girlfriend

The question arises with Alp Navruz - Is he single? Does he have a secret girlfriend? Who has Alp Navruz dated? What is his ideal woman?

Good news for lovers of Turkish series who will soon have to make a hole in their already busy television schedule for Ada Masali. A romantic comedy that takes place in a heavenly setting and instantly makes the audience fall in love. The fiction is starring Alp Navruz, whom we met in “Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari”. And Ayça Aysin Turan, whom we have discovered in Netflix’s “The Protector”.

Both get into the skin of the lead roles playing Poyraz and Haziran, who live a sweet and deep island love story. 

Their candidness in their stories also inflames the claims of love!

After a few weeks of silence by Alp Navruz and Ayça Aysin Turan about the breaking news of a possible relationship between them, the actors were finally compelled to respond to the press. 

Although his representatives denied the news published about his supposed move to Ayça‘s house, the truth is that they have not spoken about their relationship. A few days ago, the actor played host to Yves Rocher‘s press conference, a brand that will be the image for the next two years in Turkey. And he could not escape the questions from journalists.

Alp‘s new statements in this regard have only fueled the rumors and hopes of the couple’s fans. At the event, he spoke about the actress, with whom he gets along wonderfully: 

We have very good energy, we are quite harmonized. She is a very good companion. Disciplined and hard-working, which are important things to me. There are few people with whom I get along and one of them is Ayça.

Alp Navruz

When asked about a possible love affair, he is more cautious: “We maintained a very good friendship and we understand each other very well”, but at the insistence of one of the reporters, the actor laughs nervously: “We are here to talk of the brand and the advertisement”. 

Hence a silence that many have interpreted as confirmation. 

Dating Rumors

One of the reasons why the followers of the couple and Ada Masalı began to speculate about a possible relationship outside the filming set. There are numerous publications shared every week in which they joke demonstrating the good harmony that’s between them.

In addition, some fans have noticed a detail that may go unnoticed at first glance, but that has revolutionized the entire fandom. Specifically, Ayça has colonized Alp‘s wardrobe and that of her character in the series, Poyraz. There are already several occasions in which photographs of her wearing his shirts have been leaked. 

Navruz’s Interview

In a short time, Alp Navruz had his name written among the leading roles. He became the center of attention with his handsomeness as well as his talent. In an interview, Alp shared,

I’m not romantic at all. I love it deep down, but I can’t show it to your face. Here’s my romance: I follow the person in front of me without revealing; What color, which flower she likes. So I have such a romantic side, I realized later. I used to believe in fairy tales a lot as a kid, now partially Classic, I was a fan of ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Peter Pan’ at that age.

However, falling in love with a co-star at the end of the project is no more fictional. To those thinkers who think Alp and Ayça are just working and nothing is cooking up between them in real life.

Let us remind you. We have seen couples like Kerem & Hande, Özge Yağız & Gökberk Demirci, even couples like Burak and Fahriye ended up in marriage! So it’s not so hard for them to fall as well.

To know more about Navruz’s ex-girlfriend and his ideal woman, click here – “The Truth About Alp Navruz & Ayça Aysin Turan’s Relationship”. In fact, if you are the one who claims to be Alp Navruz’s true fan then don’t miss to explore our article on “What You Didn’t Know About Alp Navruz Until Now”.

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