Top 15 Turkish Actors Who Fell In Love On Set

Turkish Dizi has proven that some of the best real-life love stories between celebrity couples can blossom while on set. Taking their love offscreen! 

When the actors can’t manage time for Tinder, the only thing left to do is – date their costars. And why not? After spending hours together, they become closer than they thought. Turkish Dizi has proven that some of the best real-life love stories between celebrity couples can blossom while on set. Taking their love offscreen! 

Honestly, there are too many celebrity couples who hooked up on set to count, so here’s a casual list of 15 of them to get us started—including some brand new couples and some couples who have since broken up after blowing up their previous relationships for their castmates or got MARRIED!

15. Kerem Bürsin & Hande Erçel

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin met on the set of Sen Çal Kapimi for the first time. But their on-screen love becomes real. Rumors of their off-screen affair dropped a big bomb in 2020 when it was reported they had dated. Later Erçel and Bürsin took a trip to the Maldives together at the end of April 2021, confirming their romance for the first time. The two have already documented their love on their social media.

14. Aras Bulut İynemli & Bige Önal

Aras and Bige Önal met and fell in love on the set of Maral: En güzel Hikayem. They started dating in 2015 while shooting the drama. But in 2021, the news of the separation between them fell like a bomb on the Turkish press. Aras Bulut İynemli and Bige Önal quietly ended their six-year relationship last July. The two could not stand the separation and reconcile at the end of October. When asked about her relationship with her lover, Önal explained that they were on good terms. 

13. Gökberk Demirci & Özge Yağız

One of the most loved Turkish couple, Gökberk Demirci and Özge Yağız were seen together in the Turkish drama series Yemin (2019). They played the lead role of Emir and Rayhan as a married couple. The couple started dating after the drama and eventually made their relationship official. Gokberk posted a story on his Instagram in November 2020 about their engagement. In case they held a private ceremony for their engagement. But there is rumored that the couple is already married in secret.

12. Serkan Çayoğlu & Özge Gürel

Özge and Serkan first met on the set of the TV series Kiraz Mevsimi. They starred as the lead couple and in reality, started to fall in love. Because of their on-screen chemistry, soon Ozge and Serkan are among the favorite couples of the Turkish magazine world. Though they started their relationship about six years ago, their love continues at full speed.

Serkan Çayoğlu made a surprise proposal to Özge Gürel during their vacation in America 2 months ago. Serkan and fans were blown away with the answer “yes”. Right?

11. Demet Özdemir & Yusuf Çim

Demet and Yusuf Çim met on the set of Çilek Kokusu in 2015. After shooting the drama together as the lead couple, they began dating in real life. But sadly the couple went their separate ways in September 2016.

10. Burçin Terzioğlu & Murat Yıldırım

Murat and Burcin couple got married in 2006 after they took part in the same tv series Fırtına. After dating for 2 years, the couple got married on June 20, 2008, but sadly got divorced in July 2014. Later Murat got married to the Moroccan beauty Iman ElBani in 2016 and Burçin fell in love with her co-star İlker Kaleli in the series named Poyraz Karayel in 2015. But they went their separate ways in September 2018.

9. Birce Akalay & Sarp Levendoğlu

Birce Akalay found her love on the set of Yer Gök Aşk in 2010 with Murat Ünalmış. They got married in 2011. But then they divorced in 2012 eventually.

Birce Akalay also started to fall in love with Sarp Levendoğlu, her co-star in the Küçük Ağa TV series. Akalay and Levendoğlu, who played a married couple in the series, got married in real life as well in 2014. But their marriage did not last long either. The couple separated in 2017.

8. Zeynep Beşerler & Kenan İmirzalıoğlu

Kenan and Zeynep began dating after starring together in the Turkish drama Alacakaranlık in 2003. Surprisingly they dated for 6 years! While everyone was waiting for them to get married, the couple broke up in 2009 and later married different people. Zeynep married businessman Emir İçgören in 2013 and Kenan married actress Sinem Kobal in 2016.

7. Pelin Karahan & İbrahim Kendirci

Pelin Karahan and İbrahim Kendirci, the two stars of the Kavak Yelleri TV series in 2007, brought their love, which started as a part of the role, to real life. The love of the duo made the fans very happy at that time. The couple who were very good for each other and talked about getting married, left with a sudden breakup in 2010. Pelin later got married to Bedri Güntay, has two sons, Ali Demir and Can.

6. Çağatay Ulusoy & Serenay Sarıkaya

Sarıkaya and Ulusoy met in the TV series “Medcezir”, which hit the big screen between 2013 to 2015. Though the couple was mesmerized by each other, they broke up mutually. However, Ulusoy and Sarıkaya were seen at the wedding of Taner Ölmez and Ece Çeşmioğlu. As a result, they were on the agenda again with the news of ‘reconciliation’.

5. Barış Arduç & Gupse Özay

Barış Arduç met Gupse Özay on the set of the Deliha movie in 2014. They fell in love with each other and got married in July 2020 after six years of togetherness. Barış Arduç told about his love for Gupse Özay in an interview he gave years ago:

Our story didn’t start on the set. We were friends. Shortly after the movie ended, the conversation between us went very well. We both love to laugh. We are very happy. We act like ourselves and have a lot of fun.

4. Tuba Büyüküstün & Onur Saylak

In 2007, Tuba Büyüküstün and Onur Saylak met on the set of Asi and they also took part in another Turkish drama Gönülçelen in 2010.  They began dating while shooting Gönülçelen and got married on July 28, 2011. The couple later had twin daughters named Tupac and Maya in January 2012. After being married for 5 years, they ended up getting divorced in 2017. 

3. Neslihan Atagül & Kadir Doğulu

While we all hope to find the love of our life, Neslihan and Kadir are some of the most cherished couples from the Turkish entertainment industry. A true example of love at first sight, the couple first met on the set of Faith Harbiye in 2013. After dating for two years, they got engaged and eventually got married on July 8, 2016, at Ajia Hotel, Istanbul.

2. Burak Özçivit & Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye and Burak met on the set Çalıkuşu and they started dating in 2013. Burak asked Fahriye to be his wife while they were together in Germany and got engaged after getting the consent of their parents. On June 29, 2017, the couple got married in Sait Halim Pasha Mansion, Istanbul. The couple welcomed their little boy, Karan Özçivit on April 13, 2019.

1. Halit Ergenç & Bergüzar Korel

Halit and Bergüzar met on the set of Binbir Gece in 2006. During that time, Halit Ergenc was married to actress Gizem Soysaldı. For that reason, they spilt up in 2008.

After starring in the Turkish drama 1001 Nights, the rumors about Halit-Bergüzar’s love affair caught attention. However, the couple confessed that they started dating in 2008 when they went to Paris together. They got married on 7 August 2009. They also have two sons named Ali and Han. In 2021, Halit and Bergüzar welcomed their 3rd baby girl Leyla.

Bonus Couple

*Alp Navruz & Ayça Ayşin Turan

For Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan, the beginning of the year has been very sweet. Since the broadcast of ‘Ada masalı’ began, rumors about a possible relationship between the protagonists have skyrocketed in Turkey. For months, the couple chose to remain silent until just three weeks ago, on December 21, the actor confirmed their romance to the press. 

We established a good friendship and then we started something else. Our relationship is going well and we are happy.

After confirming their romance, Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan have started to be more active on social networks. They even shared how they celebrated the actor’s 32 years.

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