Michele Morrone Finally Talks About His Girlfriend

The question arises with Michele Morrone - Is he single? Does he have a secret girlfriend? Who has Michele dated? What is his ideal woman?

Stardom came suddenly for Italian actor Michele Morrone — becoming an instant heartthrob and hitmaker. His fans already know that in real life Michele is very much a family man. Although he split from his wife, Rouba Saadeh, in 2018 after four years of marriage, the pair share two sons, Marcus & Brando.

After the divorce from his wife, Michele Morrone loses control with the paparazzo sometimes.

He didn’t like spreading rumors about his private life.


After being caught exchanging hot kisses, it was confirmed that Elena D’Amario had engaged to Michele Morrone in 2019.

A newspaper article came out this morning in which I am surprised with a person I really care about. I don’t usually like making these types of videos, because what revolves around my profession doesn’t interest me and it’s not important. But I find myself forced to make this type of video because I have to safeguard the image of my ex-wife. I say ex-wife because Rouba and I are no longer together. Consequently, I don’t want her to pass like a betrayed person and that I pass like a brainless traitor. We have two children, and usually, newspapers and paparazzi don’t take this into account.

However, friendship never blossomed into something more, as happened with Michele Morrone.


The handsome Italian actor & model Michele Morrone and the Spanish actress Ester Expósito were caught together in Rome, which did create rumors of a possible romance between both artists.

Maybe this was just a chance meeting or some project where both worked together, but for now, the followers of both Morrone and Expósito have begun to create illusions for a possible romance.

During an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the 365 Days actor was seen spilling beans about his relationship shout of joy.

Seems like my split from Rouba, I am an eligible bachelor and I am not dating anyone.

Michele also spoke about his plans for making a debut in Bollywood and said that he has a condition for the same.

If they propose a very nice story in Bollywood, why not. I mean this is my job, this is my work. If they propose to me a beautiful story, I don’t mind doing it.

Michele Morrone

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