What You Didn’t Know About Demet Özdemir Until Now

Tired of searching the little tiny things about Demet Özdemir? If you claim to be a fan of her, then don’t miss this article.

Tired of searching the little tiny things about Demet Özdemir? We have brought more facts about Demet. If you claim to be a fan of her, then don’t miss this article. She is one of the top followed celebrities on Instagram among Turkish celebrities. And this fame is increasing day by day. She has 8.5M followers and growing every second. As you always know #blinkbuzzzers we try our best to bring trending videos for you. And this is just another one.

We have counted down a lot of things you didn’t know about rising stars. And, there are no stoppings. We’re about to make a complete list of them. If you want to see your favorite one, let us know in the comment section.

That’s enough for the background info. So, let’s dive into things only true fans have noticed about Demet Özdemir.

1. Gadget Freak

What do you see in this photo? Demet taking a photo of herself! Yes, you are correct. She is in a luxurious house & exploring herself in the mirror. But is it all that you see here? Well, she is currently using Samsung S10+, not an iPhone.

This photo clarifies she used a Samsung smartphone at the beginning. But it doesn’t mean she is not an iPhone fan. She has explored a lot of iPhone series.

2. Unique Earring Styles

Look at the earrings that have the first letter D, which stands for Demet. She used earrings from Mon Reve Designed By Betina. They have beautiful collections & an online shipping system too. Round spiral big earrings are her favorite. She is also fond of star accessories like a locket chain or earrings.

3. Sweet Lines for Mother

When it was her mother’s birthday she posted a photo of her mother. They were cutting the cake which is posted on her Instagram feed with a few sweet lines, “Good thing! You taught me a lot. Happy birthday, my mother, my beautiful face.”

4. Cat & Dog Person

Demet is often seen with her cats and dogs. “Bebek” is the name of her cat. In English, it means, “Baby”. This video was posted on 18 February 2017. Now it has grown up. And looks very cute.

5. Hairstyle Doctor

Canerilgun is the person who takes care of Demet’s hairstyle, color, and more. He is very close to her. Demet even celebrates his birthday together. It looks like he also does travel with Demet almost everywhere she goes.

6. True Fan of Moana

She compared her looks with Disney’s Moana. Like Moana, Demet is also a sea lover & adventurous. She enjoys her free time on the beach & she often posts her photos with mermaid emoji.

7. Erkenci Kus Photographer

Demet was seen in front of the fire which created an intense look. This photo is taken by photographer Morteza Atabaki who took a lot of photos of Can & Demet on Erkenci Kuş set.

8. Called as Baby Lamb

Besides other family members, Demet’s mother’s active Instagram name is Ayşen Şener. She mentions Ozdemir as a baby lamb. Like Demet, Her mother is also a cat lover. Her mom posted a photo with Demet which was her first Instagram photo with her daughter. Demet is sometimes seen with her sister, Derya Özdemir and also with her brother, Volkan Özdemir.

9. The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Demet shared a page of the book ‘ustalık gerektiren kafaya takmama sanatı’ by Mark Manson. In English, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck. This got a lot of eyeballs asking the name of the book. Some helpful followers figured out the name in the comment section.

10. Favorite Author Zodi

She loves Zodi’s books. A gifted book is more valuable than anything. Demet thanked the author so much for the book because she was waiting impatiently for it.

11. Award Night Fashion

At the golden butterfly award night, Demet’s hairstyle was done by İbrahim Zengin who is a famous hairstyle designer. Worked for Demet several times.

12. Sunglasses Vibe

She loves cloud trend sunglasses. Demet loves to use many brand sunglasses such as CELINE. She looks pretty & stylish with sunglasses too.

13. Social Works

There are a lot of celebrities but very few show interest in social work. Demet is very kind and participates in social work. She makes time for these activities from her busy schedule.

14. Transformation

In most cases, people do not look similar between childhood and present. But Demet has similarities in her looks so you can easily identify her at a glance.

15. Same Moon Boot

For the first time, Demet was seen wearing Moon Boot in 2015 which is a snow boot brand. After that, she was again seen wearing the same boot in 2019. Probably it’s her favorite wear in the snow.

16. Sneakers Lover

Who doesn’t love Sneakers? Well, Demet is often seen wearing sneakers. She might have a huge collection of sneakers.

17. Quality Fashion Sense

In summer, she loves to wear colorful, floral printed or stripe dresses. She has a good sense of fashion. She loves to put belts on any type of dress which creates unique styles.

18. The Face of Garnier Turkey

Unlike any other brand, she frequently promoted Garnier Products. She was seen in the Garnier commercial, events & digital promotions. For her beauty, skin, and hair she was chosen.

19. Selfie Spot

The mirror is the place where Demet takes most of her selfies. The interesting part is this is not the only place elevator is her second choice.

20. Not Afraid of Heights

She is not afraid of heights. It is very surprising that heights don’t bother her. The photo angle is not credited here, rather Demet took the risks.

21. Mac User

With time & fame everything changes. She was previously using the ACER laptop series, but currently, she is using a MacBook Pro. And guess, what is her desktop wallpaper?

She has set her photo as the desktop wallpaper.

22. Despicable Agnes Fan

Who doesn’t like Despicable! She thinks the Despicable Me character Agnes is her twin. It is her favorite when she feels surprised.

23. Favorite Hobby Painting

She paints in her spare time. Well, we saw Halsey painting & singing at the same time. Now, did you know Demet can act & paint at the same time? Fan of English rock band The Beatles. This taste of music quite suites her.

24. First Insta Share

Did you know? What is the first photo Demet shared on her Instagram? Well, it was on 31st May 2014, her Instagram journey began. She posted this photo with a caption, “Ilk Fotograf”. It means the first photo.

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