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hande ercel kerem bursin dating

The Truth Behind Hande Erçel & Kerem Bürsin’s Dating!

Rumors about a possible romance have haunted them since the beginning of the Sen Çal Kapımı series. The chemistry that the couple exudes off the set has made fans dream that Eda and Serkan’s love story will cross the screen and become reality. At the moment they neither confirm nor deny but they do not hesitate to show the complicity and affection that has emerged between them with funny stories. Even when Hande was doing Kerem’s makeup on set. 

This week, news broke that co-stars Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin are taking some time off in the Maldives when the series was over. Images of them were shown as proof of love.

hande kerem in maldives

Sabah Newspaper has shared the first image of the on-screen Amanim lover! And reported that it was taken by their fans in the Maldives and shared on social media. In fact, the picture wasn’t really clear and clean. And literally, it could have been taken of any couple in any restaurant in the world. But we all know as the saying goes; There’s no smoke without fire.

hande kerem maldives vacation

Later on, Kerem Bürsin has shared footage while he was on a boat in the middle of the sea. He was surrounded by breathtaking islands. Before revealing his destination, coincidentally, coincides with the one used by Hande. “Getting lost”, he has written both in his IG stories.

Isn’t it interesting that both of them captioned their Instagram stories with the same line?

Hande Erçel has confirmed that the duo is both in the Maldives when she shared a stunning picture taken nearby the sea at sunset. And she tagged the resort she’s staying at, Ayada Maldives

While there was no denial from the couple to the news of their love. Fans of the couple wondered whether Kerem was the one who took the picture of Hande Erçel posing in her bikini at sunset? 

In addition, Hande Erçel’s sister Gamze Erçel and her family went to the Maldives and joined the holiday with Erçel and Bursin. Even Kerem’s sister Melis shared a story about her brothers staying in the Maldives on her Instagram.

The actors’ getaway to the most romantic spot on earth caused a frenzy among their fans. They commented that Kerem and Hande are almost ready to announce their relationship officially with the world.

When the couple went to the gym in İstinye together and on their way out, they were met by reporters. They asked them: ‘You even go to gyms together, and you do not deny the news of love.’ In their last joint statements given to the press, Kerem and Hande said –

You will know if there is love.

Hande Erçel & Kerem Bürsin

So is this their way of confirming their relationship? And are we expecting a marriage proposal? Let’s wait and see.

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